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The Green Apple Environment Awards are an annual international prestigious campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world and……


The shopping centre has always continually strived to be at the forefront of improvements in all areas and, particularly in setting an example in our efforts when it comes to reducing our environmental impact.

We are incredible proud to win this award and be recognised for the hard work of our team and the improvements they have implemented in the past year.  One of our biggest achievements is having reduced our waste to landfill, with 100% diversion to recycling.

Being such an important award we wanted to shout about it and let you know how we are helping to make the Birchwood area and community a cleaner, healthier place to live.


Shopping Centre Sustainability



Birchwood Community Honesty Library.

Leave a book, take a book, please donate.

All money raised will go to local charities, community initiatives and good causes.

We will always share the news of any donation made on our social media pages. So far, we have donated to Warrington food banks, local schools, Birchwood FC kids soccer club, local rugby boys and girls teams, children’s charities, The British Legion, Birchwood Scouts and many more……

As of May 2024, you have raised over £12,000!  Thank You everyone.

If you would like to be considered for a donation, please contact us on the below email explaining a little about yourself and what a donation would be used for.




Sensory Quiet Hour

We realise that some shoppers would prefer to shop at a quieter and calmer time than the normal noise and bustle of everyday.

We recognise this and to support them, we have introduced a quiet hour every Thursday 10am to 11am. During this time, the music will be turned off, the main lights dimmed and tannoy announcements stopped, other than for emergencies only, to help create a more relaxing shopping experience and a break from sensory overload.

Please note, the centre quiet hour is limited to the main customer areas, however, many stores do not play music in their stores at any time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to turn off the children’s rides and digital screens.

Thank you.


In addition to the centre wide sensory quiet hour, Asda also have their own in store quiet hour Monday’s to Thursday 2pm to 3pm.


Community Litter Picks

In June 2023, the shopping centre team carried out it’s first community litter pick.

We have know committed to doing a community litter pick at least every three months.

When back on site, as much litter as possible will be sorted with paper and plastics recycled ♻️