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OOPS! is a brand-new concept in food retail, offering great value products that would otherwise be wasted. Our stores stock over 600 lines of low-price items, including a mixture of frozen, fresh and dry food. Along with an extensive range of frozen food, we also stock fresh fruit and veg, milk, soft drinks, cleaning products and a delicious range of cakes and desserts.

We prevent food from being wasted by repacking food that is perfectly safe to eat but may have ended up in the clearance section for a number of reasons, such as over production, packaging errors, or the goods being the wrong shape or colour. It might even just be a pizza that has a few mushrooms missing.

Here at OOPS! we’re campaigning for change in the industry and giving food that would normally go to waste, a new home in our stores. That’s why we can pass great value on to our customers, whilst being kind on the environment too.

We’re the one-stop shop for tasty meals at tasty prices. From supplying the pizzas for your Friday nights in with the kids, to that delicious celebration cake for a special birthday, we’ve got you covered.


Monday to Saturday: 8.00am - 6.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm


Email: hello@oopsclearance.co.uk

Website: oopclearance.co.uk

Facebook: @OOPS

Instagram: @OOPS